Balos beach has been photographed more than any other beach in Crete, as its turquoise waters and wild natural beauty can easily hypnotize anyone.
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Please note: You are welcome to book in advance for the 2022 season. In case of cancellation due to a change of availabilities, we will either offer an alternative date or a full refund. See you onboard!

Our boats depart from the port of Kissamos (Kavonisi) for Gramvousa and Balos lagoon. Kissamos or Kasteli is a small scenic town, on the northwestern part of Crete, approximately 43 kilometres from the city of Chania ( 

Gramvousa and Balos are habitats of stunning natural beauty, included in the European initiative ΝΑΤURΑ 2000.

Α. Tour in the bay of Kissamos

We depart from the port of Kissamos, with soft music playing in the background, and sail for about an hour in the homonymous bay, against a stunning backdrop of steep cliffs and rocks, incredible secluded beaches, and the infinite blue. 

You will have the chance to see a large cave, which is thought to be an ancient shipyard. At the end of the bay, you will see an impressive geological phenomenon. Over time, Crete’s western side is rising, and its eastern side is sinking. This phenomenon takes place due to the movement of the African tectonic plate under the Eurasian plate. The ancient coastline can be traced over the rocky shores.   At the end of the bay, the boat will sail between the islet of Agria Gramvousa and Cape Vouxa (Trypiti). The landscape is breathtaking, against the backdrop of Valenti, Pontikonisi, Balos lagoon, and Imeri Gramvousa. The boat will approach Gramvousa or the lagoon of Balos (depending on the itinerary you chose) after about 20 minutes.

The self-service bar of the ship shall remain open throughout the cruise, offering light meals, with salads, wine, soft drinks, coffee, ice creams, etc.

During our journey with our ship "GRAMVOUSA" your children are in the hands of an experienced animator. Your little ones will make drawings and participate in group games, face painting etc.

B. Visit Gramvousa-the island of pirates

The boat shall arrive at the small port of Gramvousa, where we shall stay for about 2 hours. The location of Gramvousa, the Cretan nature, the legends and the turbulent history of the area, exude a magical aura. The landscape is spectacular, and the beach of the island is adorned by a lonely shipwreck. 

The highest point of the island, atop a steep rock, at an altitude of 137 meters, is dominated by the famous castle of Gramvousa, which was built by the Venetians in 1579. The castle played a significant role in the history of the wider area. The panoramic view, the magnificent nature, and the legend of the pirates’ hidden treasure, allure you to visit it, after a 20-minute hike (it’s essential to wear comfortable shoes).

You may also swim in the area next to the chapel of Agioi Apostoloi. By the way, if you happen to be there on 29th June, St Apostoli’s Day, you will witness a very big feast that takes place by the church. You can stay also on the ship to relax or swim and have some fun with our water slide.  or remain on board, relax or swim around the ship, also using its water slide. 

There are about 400 plant species in Gramvousa. Three of them are particularly interesting since they cannot be found anywhere else on earth. One variety of daisies, wild onion and silene. There are about 98 species of birds, with the number becoming quite bigger during the migration period since the area is in the birds’ path to and from the Mediterranean.

After our 2-hour stop in Gramvousa, the boat will depart for the lagoon of Balos, which will be reached after approximately 20 minutes.  

C. Visit the lagoon of Balos

Balos is listed as one of the best beaches in the world. This exotic beach-lagoon and the rare natural monument are situated between the Gramvousa peninsula and Cape Tigani. Words cannot describe the impressiveness of this place. Nothing can describe what you are about to feel when you see this. When you get to swim in the lukewarm, shallow, turquoise blue waters, relax in the pink sandy beach, which is filled with shells, and admire the natural beauty, the rocks and the cliffs rising above you!  

The sandy beach of Balos is adorned by a special kind of vegetation. Shrubby varieties, such as heather, Yenisey, thyme, and lentils, have impressive shapes and patterns, proving their effort to survive in the adverse environmental conditions of the area, such as the strong northerly winds and the natural instability of the dunes. During the migration periods, there are many bird species here, while the lagoon’s molluscs are not to be found anywhere else in Crete in this composition and quantity.

You will have the chance to stay in this paradise for about 3 hours. 

Due to the incredible natural beauty and preserved ecosystem, both Gramvousa and Balos are included in the European initiative NATURA 2000. The preservation of the island’s natural environment, beyond the moral dimensions, is imposed through a strict national and European institutional protection system.

Thus, the following are prohibited:

  • Any kind of pollution.
  • The collection of rocks, fossils, shells, ancient finds, and plants.
  • Animal catching.
  • Free camping.
  • Starting a fire and smoking around bushes and woodlands.
  • Any activity that might threaten the ecosystem and the archaeological sites Both in Gramvousa and Balos, you may return to the ship at any time, but make sure you are back at least 10 minutes before departure.
  • Have a nice trip and a great time.


Itinerary for the 10:40 am departure

10:40 am: Depart from the port of Kissamos (Kasteli, Chania) and head to Balos Lagoon.

10:40-11:50 am: Kissamos Bay Tour-Witness an impressive geological phenomenon: the simultaneous lifting and sinking of the two sides of Crete. Cross between Agria Gramvousa and Vouksa Cape (Tripiti)

11:50 am: Arrive at Balos Lagoon (Tigani) and have lunch

11:50 am -14:45 pm: Disembarkation. Visit to the lagoon & Swimming time.

14:45 pm: Depart from Balos Lagoon and head to the island of Imeri Gramvousa

15:00 pm: Arrive at Gramvousa island

15:00 pm -16:45 pm: Disembarkation. Visit to the Venetian castle Swimming time Lunch

16:45 pm: Depart from Gramvousa Island and return to the port of Kissamos. Lunch

17:45 pm: Arrive at Kissamos

Itinerary for the 12:30 pm departure

12.30 pm: Departure from the port of Kissamos (Kasteli), Chania.

12.30 pm -13.30 pm: Crossing the bay of Kissamos. Passing through the big cave that is estimated to have been an ancient shipyard (tarsanas). Reference to the geological phenomenon where Crete is rising out of the sea at the Western side and sinking at its Eastern side. Sailing round of Agria Gramvousa and Vouxa cape.

13.30 pm: Arrival at the island of Gramvousa

13.30 pm -15.00 pm: Disembarkation. Visit to the Venetian Castle. Swimming.

15.00 pm: Departure from the Gramvousa island to the lagoon of Balos

15.15 pm: Arrival at the lagoon of Balos (Tigani).

15.15 pm -18.30 pm: Disembarkation to the beach. Visit to the lagoon of Balos. Swimming

18.30 pm: Departure from the lagoon of Balos to the port of Kissamos.

19.30 pm: Arrival at the port of Kissamos (Kasteli).

What's included

  • Boat trip from Kissamos to Gramvousa and Balos Lagoon.
  • On board restaurants and bars.

What's excluded

  • Food & drinks.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Hotel pick up/drop off.

What do I need to bring

  • Hat.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Swimwear/towels.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Money for personal expenses.
  • Anything that might be useful to you.

Important information

  • Passengers up to 2 y.o. travel for free. From 3-12 y.o. half price ticket.
  • The restaurant bars on the ships remain open all day and lunch, is not included in the price of the ticket. Although you can select the meal in the extras section for 7€ per person (the extra cost applies in the booking process once you select the relevant rate). Lunch includes a main course of your choice from the restaurant (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), a salad per person and a bottle of water.
  • Please note that on this cruise we follow all the safety protocols for COVID-19. Before embarkation, you will be asked to present a relevant form that we will provide to you after the booking.
  • Passengers must be present at the embarkation area at least 40 minutes before departure. Passengers who miss departure are not entitled to a refund of the ticket. Passengers who inform before the departure that they do not wish to take the trip, are entitled to a refund of half the price of the ticket.
  • Before disembarking in Gramvousa and Balos, you may want to purchase, bottled water, soft drinks, snacks, coffee, sandwiches, beach items, etc. from the bar. Also, you may rent an umbrella, at a daily fee of 4€.
  • You may use your credit card for purchases onboard the ship.
  • There is a free parking area at the port of Kissamos.
  • Both in Gramvousa and Balos, you may return to the ship at any time, but make sure you are back at least 10 minutes before departure.
  • The Municipality of Kissamos collects 1 euro from every ticket (paid in cash), as an administrative fee for passengers over 13 years old visiting Balos lagoon.
  • Please note: This tour does not include hotel pick up and drop off service. This means that you will have to arrange your own transfers to reach the designated meeting point and start the tour. Meeting point: Kissamos Port.
  • Please note that you should be at the port before at least 40 minutes prior to the departure in order to start the embarkation.

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation fee of 0% if cancelled




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Nice day trip

Didn't think that the place was so beautiful, it is unique..perhaps too many people, other than that tour, scenery and all day was a great experience

By Mark Toms on 2019-08-12

nice idea

Stunning, the beach is nothing like ever seen, blue , pink, green, crystal clear waters....very safe for small kids too, not deep.....get sun cream , hat and go for a great day ahead, even my partner enjoyed it, (she is never happy), the boat is old but feels and is safe, staff is positive and helpful, a great day in Crete.

Review title

By Fergie tour on 2019-07-08

Sun, beach and nice ride

Kids loved the sailing part, we rally enjoyed the ride there, all the way from is good, they do what you pay for, go for it

By McKayle family on 2019-07-01

Blue and Green calm waters

Quite a bit of a drive to reach the sailing spot, it does worth it though. The boat is nothing special, the beaches we visited though absolutely stunning. Blue and green waters, white sand, calm waters and very safe. Perhaps the most nice of all tours we did, recommended,

By Ugo Xenon on 2019-06-28

Nice cruise, cool beach and lots of sun

Great time, simply park wisely (try to find a tree to park under it) and get on board. Not too many people and quite a nice simple boat (bit basic but safe). Beaches are stunning, specially Balos (although if I knew I would carry our umbrella rather than pay for it), overall nice day , worth the trouble and the drive from Rethymnon we are staying ..

Review title

By Angel and Pat Smith on 2019-06-10

Need to see this beach

Need to do some walking to reach the beach , (unless u can ride the donkeys) but the sea, the colors and the views is magic.....good idea to have some fresh water with and a hat, beach is big but still was bit crowded….lovely place though

By David O Leary on 2019-06-03

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7,8 hours

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