While the pandemic is still influencing our daily routine and travel activity, DayTrip4U is working closely with all our local teams towards health and safety.

All displayed services are offered following the COVID-19 health protocols laid out by WHO's most recent requirements.

The ground health measures allow travellers to make the most of their travel and enjoy again the best there is in any destination.

Please note the following:

Masks are worn according to the health protection guidelines.

Buses operate following specific terms i.e., capacity limits.

Temperature checks often take place.

Handwash and Sanitation facilities are widely available.

Social distancing is followed.

Pre-bookings are necessary for many attractions and events.

Many other measures, not noted here, might also take place.

DayTrip4U released few new features and super friendly booking terms in order to maximize ease, safety, and smiles!

Flexible Cancellation Terms & Worry-Free bookings.

Refund on most cancelled Tours & Activities without any precondition!

Search Engine’s New Filters

Manage My Booking Tool

Feel free to manage your booking online, most amendments and cancellations are easy
through our self-booking-management tool.

Live Chat prior & after Booking

Questions for DayTrip4U? No problem!
Get in touch directly with a member of our team and ask anything.