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**This Tour Starts From Athens**

Pieces from the great history of the west ancient world will appear to you in just 10hours in a private tour from Athens to the Area Of Sparta. A private Local guide- Driver with a Safety Mercedes Benz E 200 will be you friend in this value for money tour.

a) Ancient Sparta(acropolis,agora,grave of king Leonidas,)

b) Mystras Castle City


Mercedes E 200 class(sedan), that is 3 years old with a full insurance coverage.
Clean and Air-conditioned, with Wi-Fi (Free internet).
Up to 3-4 customers.

What’s Included

Guiding Services

Private Transportation
*Soft drinks, candy and a snack.
*Also is included a coffee in a local coffee shop.

*Liability insurance per person
***In the End of our Tour a Great Souvenir Gift is included.!!***

 *** +1 Mercedes E200 Sedan for 1-7 passengers (4 passengers in each vehicle)*** 


Ancient Sparta

We visit the ancient city of Sparta, where we will see its Acropolis, its ancient Theater and some Roman-era houses. Ancient Sparta was built on the banks of the Eurotas River in Laconia, southeast of the Peloponnese, and became known as a political-military force in Greece at the beginning of the Archaic period (800 BC to 479 BC) to reach its decline after its victory in the Peloponnesian War over Athens and its allies, where it imposed until 371 BC. her hegemony. That was the year when Sparta was defeated by the Thebans. In 362 BC it completely lost its power, along with the rise of the Kingdom of Macedonia, to be conquered later on by the Romans. An important creation that the visitor will have the opportunity to admire closely, is the statue of Leonidas in which his entire outfit is depicted in the battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. during the second invasion of the Persians in Greece, after their defeat 10 years ago, in Marathon. We will also see the tomb of Leonidas (whose corpse, after 50 years, was transported and buried in Sparta in 430 BC), the statue of Lycurgus (the legislator of ancient Sparta who established the system of military education of the Spartans' society, according to Apollo's Oracle in Delphi) we will see the Museum of the Olive Tree and the Kaiada, where - contrary to the prevailing myth - official investigations, starting from 1983 to the present, have shown from the bone findings that there were no Spartan children with birth defects that were executed, but adult males and females instead (traitors, sentenced to death, criminals and prisoners of war)

Ancient Sparta

It was a pit or underground cavern at Sparta, into which state-prisoners or their corpses were thrown. We are going to see its majestic landscape and do a peregrination.

Castle of Mystras

Built on the slopes of Taygetos, the Castle of Mystras takes the visitor on a journey through time. It remains virtually indestructible and desolate, generously offering an unprecedented cultural experience (and not only) in landscapes that awakens the senses. Ready for a trip to history?

Pick up locations

What's included

Soft drinks/soda
Bottled water

Air-conditioned vehicle

 **Local**Guiding Services 

Mercedes E 200 class(sedan), that is 4 years old with a full insurance or Scoda Octavia SUV

In the End of our Tour a Great Souvenir Gift is included.!!
Liability insurance per person

 *** +1 Mercedes E200 Sedan for 1-7 passengers (4 passengers in each vehicle)*** 

What's excluded

We do not have a license to give tours inside of monuments and historical places

 Tickets for the monuments 

Important information

Not wheelchair accessible

Not suitable for pets

  • Infants must not sit on laps
  • We can pick our customers up from wherever they want inside the region of Athens.
  • If the pick up is from the Airport or from the cruise dock please provide all the details to the operator after from the pickup.
  • If there is a Strike in The city Center or a special event that effects the tour,the tour may change start time or ITINERARY under the instructions of the operator and the agreement of the customer
  • Please provide as much as possible contact details to the operator even after the bookingIf the booking will start from Ath Int Airport the time of the tour start to count fro the pickup of the customer,so do not stress your self in cases of Delay of flights.
  • If the tour is combined with a transfer the Maximum Luggage ( american size 32kl) can be no more than 3 and the start time of the tour starts at the time of the first pickup eg :( There is a customer that buys a tour starting from Cruise terminal but first he/she wants to be transferred to his Hotel to do the check in and then to start the tour. )  
  • If the customer wants extra services than the ones that paid for,the operator will charge him extra and the payment will be done to the driver in cash or credit card. 
  •  *** +1 Mercedes E200 Sedan for 1-7 passengers (4 passengers in each vehicle)*** 

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation fee of 100% if cancelled 1 day or less before departure
  • Cancellation fee of 0% if cancelled 1000 days or less before departure



Guided Language

  • English
  • Ελληνικά


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