An island like Santorini could be experienced on the ground and...around it! Known best of its picture-postcard beauty, the whitewashed villages with its blue roofs, and the mesmerizing sunsets over the caldera, Santorini makes an idyllic place to spend your holidays. Sail around the unique island and admire it from the best possible angle there is, over the Aegean Sea.

Moreover, you can experience the diamond of Aegean Sea through its gastronomy wonders with wine tasting tours. Adore the local way with daytrips as you move through traditional villages, explore secret spots of the island and discover the history of the vine cultivation through well – known Santorini wines. Just let us make your  to the island an unforgettable experience!


Santorini Wine Tasting & Walking Tours

Discover the hidden secrets of Santorini, while indulging in authentic
Greek dishes and good wine. 

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