Privacy and Cookie Policy Statement

The following applies to both Agents (third parties) that work with us, as long as direct clients (travelers)
that book services from our web sites.
Our company Daytrip4u is the single source of data controlling body during the booking process.

This policy notes the personal data we need to collect and how we handle this info.
Here we note the most recent policies that apply and any changes will be noted here too.

Please feel free to contact us for more info on

Information we collect and how is used.

-Information collected automatically.

When our web site / our web system is visited, a number of data is automatically collected (IP address, browser, operating system etc). Daytrip4u does not sell or outsource this info to any one, nor we use this info for marketing matters.

Agents using our system online or asking us to book for their clients over mail or phone etc, have the responsibility to pass all required info to us while under the travelers consent.

How does daytrip4u use the information collected:

We are making sure that the services requested are delivered as should. Name, contact details, certain skills info
(e.g. walking or swimming ability) are needed in order to be able to guarantee a stress free service.

This info is passed on to the local operators in need of it to be able to deliver the services applied for.

When a booking is finalized, the booker automatically agrees to receive an email with all relevant booking services info and the info supplier combined.

Also daytrip4u publishes reviews from it's bookers, by supplying a review it’s been agreed that
this can or could not be uploaded, a decision daytrip4u is solely responsible for.

Daytrip4u for training and for improving services might record or monitor phone calls or e-mails.

Information provided by agents or travelers

Personal details such as name, surname, passport number and issuing details, payment info, walking or swimming abilities, dietary requirements etc are needed in order to process fully a day-trip booking.
This info is kept for handling reasons (e.g. amendments or cancellations).

Payment info is only kept during the processing of payment and is passed on automatically to the bank or payment gateway systems during the process .The process is encrypted and secured with the most updated relevant technology.

How does daytrip4u stores and where do we keep the data?

Unless required by law, we will not disclosure any of your personal info to any third party in any way, daytrip4u does not sell, rent or exchanges this info with any one unless here under noted. We use updated and recent encryption technology to ensure that all exchanged info is kept secure and private and the process is made under secure data connections.  

Information we pass on and share

Daytrip4u only shares booking/personal info with local excursion and transfer companies that need to have this in order to secure that the services booked will be delivered in the best and more efficient way.

Local companies are required by law to use this info exclusively for the booking in question,
additionally they are obliged to keep this info in a secure way in accordance with all Privacy and relevant obligation laws. 

Information might be disclosed:


Daytrip4u acts only in full compliance with GDPR and DPA requirements.

There are a number of rights in relation to personal data.

Please note that you can :

Links to third parties.

Daytrip4u provides links to other web sites for informative (mainly) reasons,
please note that the current terms do not apply to third parties web sites.
Please check with them in relation to the policies and terms that apply as no responsibility can be accepted
for any reason or claim.


Cookies might be used only to improve our services when visiting our web site or system.
Please request more info if required or ask us to remove them so we can advise you how to.

How we use cookies

Daytrip4u makes also available its itenary directly to travelers. Via our web sites  session and persistant cookies might be used.

The usability is about our system to remember information (e.g. navigation, filtering of prices, etc).

At the end of the session all relevant cookies cease to exist.

Persistant cookies are helping daytrip4u to trace when a return visit takes place, these are live until a certain expiry date. only uses cookies in order to make sure that our system/web site acts and delivers as it should, correctly.

We do not outsource this info to other companies other than Google Analytics for specific performance info purposes . Please ask for more info on this if required , we would be happy to provide this

Google stores this information in accordance with their privacy policy.

Please note that any change in will be posted on this page.