DayTrip4U® and TRIPGIANT LIMITED legal note

Our company via all its distribution channels makes available through selected suppliers (excursions organizers and/or supportive services) day trips. Please note that as an intermediate, the services offered are under both: 1. DayTrip4U® terms and conditions 2. the local supplier's terms and conditions. Financial claims can not in any way exceed the cost of the purchased services. Please feel free to request any additional info you might need in relation to local suppliers terms and conditions for the day trip of your interest, our team would be happy to provide this. Please note that our company's highest priority is to ensure the security and confidentiality of the necessary information that needs to reach us during the booking process. Please see relevant info on how we handle this. By using our search engine or by visiting our websites and distribution channels or by booking a service with us, you unconditionally accept and agree with all terms, legal notes that our services are based upon. DayTrip4U® is officially registered trademark internationally. For additional info please mail us.