Although Dubai undoubtedly steals the spotlight, it’s only one of the seven emirates that comprise the state of the United Arab Emirates. The latter is an extraordinary melting pot of cultures and ethnicities with an equally astonishing diversity in terms of natural scenery and manmade wonders alike. Situated on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates is a country which offers visitors the opportunity to explore super modern cities, precious cultural treasures and unique natural beauties at the same time.

Dubai is one of the most futuristic cities in the world with an irresistibly sci-fi-like touch. Similarly, Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is a wealthy metropolis that never fails to impress. On the other hand, the other, lesser-known, five emirates are home to cultural treasures that reveal the country’s past. Last but not least, the United Arab Emirates boast the world’s largest sand desert, the utterly enchanting Empty Quarter.


Tours & Activities in United Arab Emirates

A country with glory, wealth and history... From the gigantic skyscrapers and the luxurious lifestyle to the cultural richness, United Arab Emirates is a destination not to be missed!