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Discover Mykonos This Summer

Mykonos is a small Greek island that is waiting to be discovered. It lies between Paros, Syros, Naxos, and Tinos, spanning over an area of 33 square miles (about 85 square kilometers) and raising to an elevation of 1,120 feet (340 meters). Mykonos Town (aka Chora) is home to over 10,000 people. It lies on the west coast.


When it comes to the isle, Mykonos is also called The Island of the Winds. This name is associated with strong winds blowing on the island. As you may assume, tourism is a major industry of this place. There is a broad range of Mykonos activities for both tourists and locals throughout the year.


Top-Rated Mykonos Tours

From Mykonos beaches to ancient Delos and other historic sites, this place offers a lot of fun activities to visitors. Some of the best Mykonos tours include yacht cruise to Rhenia Island, Delos tour from Mykonos, Aegean lighthouse trip, hiking adventure in Mykonos, jeep safari, and wine tasting tour. Of course, you need to choose a Mykonos tour that incorporates the things you want to do and see.


Some people enjoy scuba diving and swimming in the Aegean sea, while others come here to explore Delos - a true landmark of Mykonos. No Mykonos trip is complete without visiting ancient Delos. This legendary historical site draws tourists with its public squares, market, amphitheater, the sanctuary of Artemis, Apollo Temple, and other attractions.


Aside from this, Mykonos features vibrant nightlife and it’s also one of the most popular gay-friendly destinations in Greece. This beautiful island welcomes anyone wishing to discover it. Book your favorite tour and enjoy your Mykonos journey. Have a nice trip!

Best of Mykonos - Top Attractions & Things to do

The island of winds, the preferred destination of the rich and famous!

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