Visit Georgia On Your Next Vacation for a Unique Experience

One thing that makes your trip to Georgia unique is the people. According to Georgians, guests are a gift from God, this makes them very hospitable toward visitors. All guests are welcomed to a traditional Georgian feast known as a supra, and each one has a toastmaster or a tamada present to inspire, entertain, or give thanks.

Facts About Georgia

Georgia is a unique, naturally beautiful country in Eurasia Caucasus region right between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. To the west is the Black sea, to the east is Azerbaijan, to the south is Armenia and Turkey, and to the north is Russia. The country is home to an abundance of churches, cathedrals, monasteries, and beautiful landscapes. Georgia trips and Georgia tours have recently seen a sudden boost in tourism because of its art, fashion, beauty, and more. This country may be small, but it sure has a lot of delicious food and a great wine scene for you to enjoy on your trips in Georgia.

Tours & Activities in Georgia

Although Georgia locates on the Asian continent, it's European style gives the country a mixed-cultural sense. Its vast history is visible anywhere, while also the famous Carpathian Mountains compose a unique scenery for any visitor.

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