The 5 Best Beaches in Santorini

12 May 2020




The gorgeous island of Santorini is famous for many things but its beaches are not among them. Santorini doesn’t feature pristine coves with emerald waters and golden sand like most of the other Greek Islands. That said, there are quite a few impressive beaches in Santorini and we’re here to show you our 5 favorite among them.

  1. Red Beach


By far the most impressive of all beaches in Santorini is the picture-perfect Red Beach. The cliffs that surround the beach as well as its sand and rocks are all red, hence the name. You can access the beach either by boat or after walking an easy path. Once there, you won’t believe your eyes at this almost unreal red scenery.

  1. Perissa Beach


Black Beach is another name for Perissa, which is one of the most popular beaches in Santorini. Its black sand and pebbles, crystal clear waters and full services render Perissa the best beach on the island.

  1. Vlychada Beach


Vlychada is probably the prettiest beach in Santorini. It features dramatic white cliffs and an old factory built on the edge of the coast. Vlychada is the perfect spot for photography lovers as well as one of the best beaches for those who like to enjoy a relaxing day by the sea without crowds.

  1. Koloumbos Beach


If a secluded beach almost all to yourself is what you’re looking for, then Koloumbos is the ideal choice for you. This long quiet beach near Oia is one of the remotest and most breathtakingly beautiful beaches on the island as well as the only nudist friendly beach in Santorini.

  1. Kamari Beach


Last but not least, Kamari is a fantastic long beach with easy access and full services. It’s also the perfect beach if you’re travelling to Santorini Island with kids.

If you’re spending your summer vacation in Santorini but you aren’t driving, fret not! You can join a 5-hour sailing cruise and explore some of the best beaches on the island while at the same time enjoy drinks and a barbeque on board!

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